Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Finally found the umbrella baby was looking for.

I had my dinner downstairs at my place. When i was on my way home. I happen to pass by a shop that selling this pink fold-able hello kitty umbrella. I remember that baby said she want to buy a fold-able, with hello kitty printed and come along with UV protection. So i just bought it without a thought!

Finally, without any hard work. I got this umbrella that had all the requirements baby wanted. Ha ha ha!!

Hope baby will like it.

My brother first time cook minced pork porridge

This morning i am very surprised that my brother requested me to teach him how to cook porridge. He wanted to cook lunch for his wife. I agreed to teach him but he got to buy the required ingredients.

After he got all the ingredients from NTUC, i guided him on how to do the slicing and preparation of all the ingredients. I secretly took a photo of him slicing seriously. Ha ha ha first time see him so serious.

With my guidance, he successfully completed the lunch "Minced pork porridge"! Tomorrow got to teach him fried rice...... T_T

New look of my Whatsapp with Whatsapp+

Today i was wondering whether Whatsapp is able to change theme or not? Kind of getting bored with the same old dark green for so many years of using.Why Whatsapp don't allow it's users to customize theme to suit everyone's need? If can customize, everyone can have their own unique Whatsapp appearance!

So i google for Whatsapp theme and happen to find out. There was an app call "Whatsapp+" !! It wasn't an official application that can find in AppStore or Play Store. I downloaded the app and spend whole day to customized it. On the left it's my personal unique Whatsapp theme i am using now!! If you're interested, visit the link below and explore yourself.
How to install Whatsapp+

Monday, 18 May 2015

Recommended Biscuit!! ( MUST TRY!! )

I have been searching  for this biscuit in NTUC yesterday, but no luck... Surprisingly my brother happen to found it this morning at a mama shop! (x_x)

I happen to know this biscuit during our tea break during work. Our company provided us this biscuit for staffs. It isn't too sweet , this outer biscuit also not too hard. You can buy some and put in your bag, whenever you are hungry. It can be your emergency resource to fulfill your hunger. Below are some details to help you for your search of this biscuit.

Brand: Jack 'n' Jill
Name of this biscuit: Dewberry
Flavor: Sandwich Cookies with Cream and Blueberry Flavored Jam
Produce of Thailand

New career, envoriment & colleague.

 Finally got my staff card last week! Comparing to the card with my previous company.    This company had a nicer design. However, there are still a lot of places it can't allow me to access. For example the lift to carpark.... =_="
Still trying to get it work...

Most importantly is the design of the card. It look more professional, neat and clearly printed. It also have more details on the card with our ID number , full name and a intro column.

Ever seen me in winter attire? I am in the photo below, on the extreme right. Ha ha cool right? It is -8 degrees in that photo. Colder then your home's fridge!

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Had an expired EZ-Link card.

Today got an appointment with my facial at Toa payoh at 3pm. Recalled that my EZ-Link card was low on credits so i am planning to top up at the nearest ATM at my place. During trying to top up, i realized that my EZ doesn't respond with the ATM. Keep trying over and over yet still no respond. So pissed off! I researched over the interenet and also asked my family why i can't top up. Result was because my EZ had expired due to not using for 3 years or more. Crap man, first time i heard that a transportation card have expired date, WTF. What to do? This is a product of singapore....

Monday, 4 May 2015

New company, new attire.

Joining the new company call RedMart. As i am working in cold room, this is my new attire =p