Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Finally bought my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 with 2 big concerns solved

   Finally, i bought my dreamed smart phone yesterday!
The latest Samsung Galaxy Note 5!! Hell yeah!
Had been considerate for quite sometime whether to buy or not. The reason holding me back was because all samsung new phones and tablets no long support extendable memory card and their build-in battery design. These two big issues were my only concerns. 
First concern :
Memory Card - I need a lot of memory spaces as i'm a huge gamer at the same time i love taking photos which also need space to store it. Therefore, i did some maths with some calculating from my Samsung Galaxy Note 3's memories spaces. Result was, a build-in 32G memory is more than enough for my usage. So memory issue, solved!

Second concern :
Buid-in battery - Recently my brother encountered phone screen freeze on his Samsung Galaxy Note 4. No matter how he swiped the screen or pressed the volume and power buttons, it won't respond. Ended up he had to remove the battery to restart the phone. So i am worry, what if my brother situation occur on Samsung Galaxy Note 5? Immediately i do my research on the internet for a solution before i buy the set. And BINGO! I found it. There is a way to force restart the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 by holding down the power button and volume down button at the same time. And so, this issue was solved too!

Now, i can finally rest at ease and go ahead with the purchase. So happy with my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 now. Oh yeah ~ !

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