Name: Benny Lum Ban Chuen
Nickname: Ben
DOB: 1st January 1979
Race: Chinese
Country: Singapore
Occupation: Operation Supervisor
Relationship: Single
Kins: Mother / Father / Younger Brother / Sister In-law
Pets: 1 short coat Chihuahua & 1 long coat Chihuahua

(About me)

I was divorced many years ago (lost count) and was very much of isolated myself away from others until i first met an angel in my co-company. It was a love at first sight. She was the girl that gave me the long lost feeling and hopes.

Lactose - The sugar in milk, called lactose, can cause diarrhea on me. Symptoms of lactose intolerance can include gas, diarrhea, bloating and cramps.

I am quite easy to get along kind of person. Also a person that have high sense of sensibility. Can very easily sense on what people around me think, gossip or look at me. My loyalty is incomparable. Be it boss, girlfriend, friends or families. Even what i always eat, i will stick to the same stalls. My sweetheart said I had bad temper. It only applied when i am really pissed off. A bomb is the only thing that can describe my temper, don't trigger me. Having bad temper doesn't mean i am a bad person, I am also a sweet lover for my girlfriend. =p

Well... my relationship was quite complicated at the beginning. After going through the pass few years. We've forged an indestructible love. We are so loving like a pair of "loving birds". We gave so much loves and cares to each other that you can never imagine.

Haha! Speaking of hobbies. Gaming! I can't live without my smart phone and my brand new gaming laptop! If you are kin to know what game i played most. It'll be

1st Final Fantasy Awakening (Started since 
11 Aug 2017 )
2nd Torchlight Mobile 
(Started since 3 Aug 2017 )
3rd Garena Headshot (Started since 24 July 2017 )

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